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How a VA can help you with your content

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Documenting what's been created and where it's been published is a great start to figuring out ways to repurpose it and generate more money for your small business.

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Can I just say – I love the image I found for this post! As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to use it (even if it does have an old-timey typewriter in it) because it’s such a great visual of what happens to so many business owners over time. They’re doing what thought leaders tell them to do: create original content to share with current and potential clients to establish themselves as experts in their respective fields. They’re cranking it out, using it in their blog posts, newsletters, articles, podcasts, videos, workshops, et cetera. Some are fortunate to have even wider reach beyond their own subscriber lists, publishing to digital publications, print magazines, popular mainstream columns, and the like. If they’re not careful, and if they don’t have an organized process in place, they could very easily lose track of that valuable content–and also lose money in the process, because that content can be repurposed in so many other income-generating ways they may not yet have considered for their business.

Do you see yourself in this scenario?

If you do, this is where you’ll find a Virtual Assistant to be especially helpful to you. A savvy VA can assist with putting your content in order by first doing a careful inventory and organization of everything you’ve created. Working with you to create a plan of attack that includes a well-thought-out spreadsheet (Google Sheets is great for collaboration), the VA can research and capture where and when your content has been shared, distributed, or published. They can create a simple digital filing system within Google Drive that allows you to easily locate and retrieve the content as you need to in the future.

Seeing all that beautiful content organized in one place is sure to spark new ideas for its use! A VA with a writing background can help you execute those ideas related to a refresh of your content, perhaps offering a second set of eyes to review, proof, and even lightly edit your documents. And if you’re thinking it’s time to develop some of that content into the book you’ve always wanted to write for your business, a VA with experience supporting authors with tasks specific to writing, publishing, and managing book projects would be ideal.

Your content is valuable, so give this post some real thought. And if you need a few general ideas as to how to move forward, schedule a free discovery call with me for some tips.

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