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The one VA service every speakerpreneur absolutely needs

Ready to be super-productive in your speaking business? This simple service will get you there!

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I wrote an article called “5 Ways a Monthly To-Do List Management Meeting Can Grow Your Small Business” for the September 2022 issue of Thriving Women Magazine (page 31). At the outset, I mentioned the importance of staying on top of one's to-do list, how it plays into business growth, and how an administrative professional can help by offering input on prioritizing tasks, determining what resources will be needed, and asking just the right questions to help flesh out ideas the client has not yet fully thought through.

To what end? Having an organized list of what needs to be accomplished in a given month brings real, measurable benefits to a business owner:

  • helps them break big to-do’s down into smaller ones

  • helps them track their progress

  • reveals where they may need to delegate or outsource

  • helps them determine if their timeline needs adjusting

  • helps them complete the task

Simply put, a monthly to-do list management meeting brings an element of accountability and can successfully set a business owner up to spend more time serving their clients, which ultimately generates more income and grows the business.

Have you ever considered engaging a Virtual Assistant for this monthly service? It doesn’t typically involve any more than chatting over Zoom or Google Meet or some other such platform. A simple, 30-minute conversation to talk about what's on your plate for the momth, where things stand with those projects, their order of importance, and how (or even if) you'd like to move forward with them. It can make all the difference in your speaking business!

Ready to schedule your session? Click here to jump on my calendar.

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