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Project Notes: Art Under the Microscope: Discovering the Scientific World with Artistic Eyes

Art Under the Microscope by Gia Clarke and Lucy Shi

When this Authority Publishing project came to me for management, I was immediately excited! Written by two young girls (one in elementary school and the other in middle school), this book was a clear departure from the types of books we typically publish. And the concept of it--just brilliant:

Have you ever wondered what simple fruits and vegetables look like when magnified 100 times bigger? We did--and we wanted to see for ourselves! The thought of taking a peek into the world of cells sparked our interest, so we took a selection of plants to a UCLA campus to view under a microscope. And just for fun, we took the microscopic images, crafted them into creative doodles, and gathered them into a book for everyone to enjoy.

Art Under the Microscope: Discovering the Scientific World with Artistic Eyes is suitable for all ages and:

  • features amazing photos accompanied by detailed scientific descriptions paired with unique art adaptations

  • is a fun way to learn the biology of plants and cells

  • inspires budding scientists to discover and explore more than what the naked eye can see

Art Under the Microscope is full of interesting information while also being fun and easy to read! So what are you waiting for? Open the book and you open a door to a microscopic realm of nature and beautiful wonders.

A couple of different things happened with this project. Because the girls are minors, we worked with the mother of one of the girls rather than communicate with the young authors directly. The book features more photos than we are used to seeing (I believe there were 100 or so), and they were printed in full-color, of course. We typically publish 5x8 or 6x9 books, but considering the subject matter and target audience, 8x10 was the better option in this case. I was excited to receive the proof copy to see what it looked like up close!

Even more exciting to me is the potential marketing for this book! The fact that it's written by juveniles makes it stand out, which will likely attract local media opportunities. It's endorsed by a school principal and a UCLA Health Pediatrican/Scientist. With the ever-growing popularity of STEM, it will appeal greatly to parents who want to encourage their children (especially girls) down that path--not to mention educators, librarians, specialty booksellers, et cetera. Whew! I can't wait to see how the authors and their parents promote this title.

Want to purchase your own copy? Visit Amazon and other places where books are sold.

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