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Feeling like you've lost control of your intellectual property? Let's start with a thorough inventory of your published (or even unpublished) content, a plan to organize it, and an easy-to-follow digital filing processyou can use going forward. 

Content is​ everything to authors and speakers! And if you're following the advice of the experts, you're regularly creating it to share with your audience via blog posts, newsletters, articles, books, podcasts, videos, courses, workshops, digital publications, print magazines, popular mainstream columns, et cetera. Without an organized process in place, it's very easy to lose track of that valuable intellectual property.


AskChela's content and Second Set of Eyes services were created to assist you with polishing, managing, and even repurposing your words.

Book a discovery call and let's discuss your specific needs.


With a focus on short-form documents, we review, proofread, and lightly edit (for clarity, grammar, punctuation, typos, spelling) some of your most important business documents:

  • Speaking notes

  • Book proposals

  • Workshop and course materials

  • Website content

  • Media kits

  • Marketing/action plans

...and more

Strategy & Scheduling

Great content can be used again and again! Let's review yours to see how it can be repurposed for your first/next book, course, webinar, podcast, et cetera. We can even create a schedule of when to roll out that content to maximize its reach.

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