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Only you can deliver your message to your audience--but that doesn't mean you can't have help leading up to that moment. That's where AskChela comes in with a list of a la carte services we can take on to free you up to focus on your presentation onstage, onscreen, or at the front of the room.

Whether you need general administrative support, a second set of eyes for your written content, or a team member to serve as a high-level point-of-contact able to communicate with industry professionals on your behalf, AskChela is here to help!

Book a discovery call to explore your options.

General Administrative

  • Manage general inbox emails and/or website contact form

  • Create handouts and presentation slide decks

  • Assist with permissions request letters (for use of images, quotes, interviews, endorsements, broadcast media, music, cartoons/illustrations, etc.)


  • Inventory/track speaker's library of source material

  • Lightly proof blog, website, and article content

  • Assist with coordination of newsletter content

  • Assist with coordination of special reports, tip sheets, articles, and white papers

Speaker Office Management

  • Review/set up administrative office procedures

  • Manage speaker contracts and industry certifications

  • Liase with speaker bureaus and meeting planners as requested

  • Manage speaking calendar or schedule

  • Assist with coordination of media opportunities

  • Maintain collateral materials (speaker sheet, bios, et cetera)

  • Identify speaking prospects

  • Monitor speaking opportunities/coordinate pitch submissions

  • Manage product purchases and fulfillment

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