Scenario 1: You're writing your book while also wishing there was someone who could take on the task of researching potential publishers for your work.


Scenario 2: Your manuscript is done and you're pretty sure you have a pretty good grasp of what it'll take to self-publish --- but frankly, there are certain tasks you simply don't want to do and you wish you could turn them over to someone knowledgeable to complete them for you.


Scenario 3: You know you'll need to market your book in order to get it into readers' hands, but your budget is too limited to hire a pricey firm to draw up and execute a plan for you. If only you had someone who could at least help you brainstorm some small ideas for marketing your book ---or even help you coordinate the execution of some of your bigger ideas.


AskChela is here to help!

Click here to download a list of the many a la carte services we offer both fiction and nonfiction author clients. Then give us a call and let's determine together how we can help lighten your publishing load.


In the publishing world, multiple departments are involved in the actual production of an author's book. Going the self-publishing track and producing a professional grade title is overwhelming to some new authors. Does the very idea of it make you nervous? Or, even worse, keep you in a place of inaction?

AskChela is here to help! Our consulting package gives you access to expert knowledge that will help you streamline the process and stay on task. In the role of Publishing Project Manager, we take your manuscript, assess where you are in the process, then liaise with your editors and designers as needed to produce your book in a timely fashion.

This service includes:

  • Initial strategy session

  • Creation of a to-do checklist unique to your project (with deadlines, milestone monitoring)

  • Weekly status reports

  • Communication with your editors and designers as needed

  • Distribution recommendations and set-up

  • and more...