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You're overwhelmed by the whole self-publishing process, and asking random strangers a series of "how-do-I" questions on social media isn't getting you anywhere. In a single Zoom session, let's dive into the details of your project, cut through all the noise, and create a checklist specific to your personal publishing journey.


There are lots of moving pieces involved in publishing a book of professional quality! Need a little hand-holding through the process? Certainly understandable! With an array of affordable a la carte services, we're here to give you and your project the attention it needs -- up to and including full project management.



Document review service for

authors and speakers

AskChela works with authors and speakers to help them polish the words they write and share with their audiences. Click below to learn more about

the types of documents and intellectual property we review, proofread, and lightly edit for our clients through our Second Set of Eyes service.


About - white - transparent.png was created to help creative fiction authors realize their dream of publishing their work, and small business owners who use writing and speaking as a way to widen the reach of their movement and grow their businesses with a nonfiction book.

The site is run by founder Chela Hardy, a longtime certified Professional Virtual Author Assistant (PVAA) and Professional Virtual Speaker Assistant (PVSA) whose client work includes the role of Publishing Project Manager for Authority Publishing, the publishing arm of the Nonfiction Authors Association. Chela is an award-winning self-published young adult author, a Loudoun County (Virginia) Adult Ed instructor (How to Start & Run a Homebased Virtual Assistant Business), and Chapter Leader of the Northern Virginia/DC chapter of the Nonfiction Authors Association. Her passion projects include Workplace Prep for Teens and the NOVA Business Card Project.

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Client Praise

Excellent Communicator

& Writer

"Chela is an absolute joy to work with for many reasons. In her role as publishing project manager, she is well-organized, thoughtful, and pays attention to details. She’s also an excellent communicator and writer. Perhaps most importantly, she has tremendous integrity. If she says she’ll do something, I know it’s as good as done. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that Chela is on top of our projects and keeping clients happy. I highly recommend working with her!"

Stephanie Chandler

Authority Publishing